1. Shake the bottle well just before use.

2. Pour some regency gold into a container

3. Soak any soft clean cloth into the solution.

4. Wring out the cloth well and pour the excess liquid back into the bottle. Now you are ready to clean and polish with just one impregnated cloth right around the home.

5. No need to wax anymore, just use Regency Gold regularly.

6. On furniture that is clogged with old wax and silicone, it may take more than one application to achieve the desired approach.

Special Instructions

White Heat Marks
These can usually be removed with Regency Gold, however, severe burns that have damaged the varnish or finish will not respond.
Scratches and Cuts
Regency Gold will clean out light scratches, and they will be less noticeable, however it will not work on deeper cuts.
Highly recommended for antiques due to the gentle cleaning action. We recommend that you try Regency Gold on a small area first before treating an entire surface.
Pine Furniture
Highly recommended for all Pine that has been sealed, varnished or lacquered, not suitable for unfinished, bare wood. Nearly all Pine has been finished in some way, but if in doubt, try the Polish in an unseen area first.

Tips for Successful Use of Regency Gold Polish

If the duster is not wrung out enough it may leave the surface of the furniture wet, DO NOT buff with a dry cloth as this will cause smearing to occur. If the furniture being cleaned has a build up of old wax or silicone it may appear streaky on initial application, this is merely Regency Gold doing its job and more than one application may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

Always test in a small unseen area first