Regency Gold is great for keeping Kitchens looking Brand New!
    French Polishing is an art that has been practised for centuries. The method was a closely guarded secret and only revealed to apprentices after years of learning. At this time most trades were very secretive and anyone foolish enough or bribed enough, to reveal details of his trade could expect a very severe punishment.
Even today, very few people know the truth about French Polishing, now it almost a lost art.Regency Gold is developed from a French Polisher's Restorative and is suitable for all furniture, old and new. It will clean and polish in one application with just one duster. To get the superior results that only Regency Gold can give, we ask you to follow the instructions carefully.
We know then that you will be delighted with our product, and that you will become a valued customer.
Use Regency Gold on floors, and all treated wooden living room furniture.        
Regency Gold is just at home on delicate wooden Bedroom furniture.
Regency Gold can be used on light or dark wooden kitchens. It will remove build up of grease and cooking debris.  

Regency Gold is great for use right around the home, and can go from kitchen to living room with equal ease. Please follow the easy instructions to get the best results from this totally unique product.

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Remember, if it doesn't say Regency Gold on the bottle, it's not Regency Gold IN the bottle!

  Regency Gold has no colour and so is great for many different types and colours of wood finish          
    Because of its speed and economy, Regency Gold is now being used for cleaning and polishing in the catering and entertainment trades, hotels,restaurants, theatres and museums.  
Regency Gold is available in various sizes    
            Antiques are not a problem for Regency Gold just follow our simple instructions    
Ideal for all furniture, old or new. It does not deposit wax or silicone that builds up and clogs detail.
Regency Gold cleans as it polishes!
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